Designed by Henrik and Ase Berg (Norway) and published in 2007 by Rio Grande Games.

oregon copia

Oregon is a western-based theme game. The game board is a map of Oregon, divided in five columns and five rows. In both columns and rows we find the same five images (wagon, bison, settler, eagle, campfire). Each player will draw 4 cards with some of the aforementioned locations and at least one with one of the 7 different buildings:  Coach Station, Church, Harbour, Coal Mine, Silver Mine,  Train Station and Stores. Each player also has some cowboy farmers to place on the board in order to score points.

On a player’s turn, he must use his cards to place at least one of his farmers or build one building on the board. Then score the points he has just won and finally draw new cards to complete his hand.  The aim of the game is to position farmers and point-giving buildings in the best possible locations on the board.

You must be very flexible in your strategy, because there are times in the game you may need to change it in order to obtain the maximum advantage of the way buildings and farmers are placed on the board. You also must be always ready to grab opportunities for yourself and deny opportunities to rivals!


– Easy to learn but difficult to master, as the possibilities can be a lot!

– Luck drawing the cards can play an important role in the game.

– Good example of what we call “eurogame”


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