UK Games Expo 2013 :)

Hey! We’re finally back from our holidays and we brought lots of energy back to carry on with our boardgame sessions! Don’t forget- the next one is this Thursday!

We spent an awesome weekend at UK Games Expo in Birmingham, the greatest boardgame convention in the UK -although it is not only about boardgames, but also miniature games, rol playing games and other kind of games.

The greatest thing about UK Games Expo is to see so many people sharing our hobbie and playing boardgames at the same time.  Just imagine one of our sessions in which everybody goes there to play and try new games and meet people… but with thousands of people, and stands and demos!  Everybody is there to play -and also, but not necessarily, to buy some games- and definitely everybody is there to have a good time.

The event was hold in a huge hotel close to the airport. There were two big rooms with the traders – a lot of very small stands and a lot of rather big ones too.  We met a bunch of interesting people:

Cornish Smugglers: These guys are looking for people to back their project about a new boardgame based in Cornwall called “Cornish Smugglers”. Check it out (and back this project)!

Imagination gaming: is a company who is specialised in using modern board and card games to engage and educate both children and adults in a fun and entertaining environment. A really beautiful idea!

Cycling party: a board game with digital support made by Spaniards where you can be the manager of your own cycling team!

And much more!! We really had a great time and are already looking forward to the next one next year!!

We leave you with some pictures so you can have a better idea!

                   P1050160 P1050198 978056_516504398408774_744668342_o P1050178 P1050155

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