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So… you want to know a little bit more about us?? Well then, we are Noe and David, and although it might be a bit obvious, we are a Spanish couple who love playing board games – in fact, we meet through a board game convection back in Spain!

We moved to Launceston in 2011 and since then we’ve been telling our friends about this new generation of board games and playing with them every time we had the chance. Now, in the beginning of 2013 we had a new New year resolution: we decided to try to spread the word about our favorite hobby. So in January we contacted one of our favorite places in Launceston which kindly agreed to let us host a board game session twice a month.

Both of us have gained quite a lot of experience with boardgames in the last few years. Here it is a brief description!



He likes playing complex games: Eurogames based on  hand management, hard strategy and abstract games. He usually keep himself up to date on the new releases, participating in forums and blogs related with games.

Actually, he’s the game expert!! Therefore, he is the one to speak to if you want to get into more difficult games or if you simply want to know more about the different designers, editorials or any curiosities about the games. Some of his favorite games are Agricola, Twilight Struggle, Brass and Power Grid. However, he also likes playing some party games like Time’s up!


She likes playing some “heavier” games like Agricola or Brass but generally prefers games that last no more than 2 hours – unless the game has theme that engages her – Call of Cthulhu, Galactica, Fury of Dracula.  She is quite a lot into party games like Time’s up, Tchin-Tchin or Jungle Speed  (a great game but a bit dangerous to play in coffee shops or pubs because of the glasses around!).

She was involved in a couple of big board game conventions in our home town and even had a local radio programme about board games and RPG with some other friends! 😉

We want to foster these new generation of games and basically have a good time playing and meeting people!. So if you want to meet us or know more about the games we play, you can find us at Jericho’s every  first and third Thursday of the month from 15:00 onwards (check the meet up section just to make sure).

In the meantime, you can always contact any of us on: launcestongames@gmail.com


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