Shooting at Jericho’s last Thursday!!

Howdy partners!

Once again, we met last Thursday to play some games at Jericho’s. We kicked off the afternoon with a fun card game called Formissimo and we had really fun playing this game -despite the occasional cheating! As we got too excited, after a couple of rounds we decided to change to a quieter but not less fun new game called “Bang!

Bang! is a western-based card game in which each player has a secret role. As the back of this game box says: “The Outlaws hunt the Sheriff. The Sheriff hunts the Outlaws. The Renegade plots secretly, ready to take one side or the other. Bullets fly. Who among the gunmen is a Deputy, ready to sacrifice himself for the Sheriff? And who is a merciless Outlaw, willing to kill him? If you want to find out, just draw (your cards)!”  . If you want to know more, we’ll publish a short review of the game in the website shortly. So don’t miss it out to become the best gunman next Wednesday at The White horse Inn!!

And now, a short review of the game in pictures! :

Starring: “Ross Doolan” as The Deputy, “Jesse John”, Cherry Ramirez, “Marina Laffayete” as The Outlaws. “Belinda The Renegade” as herself and “Calamity Vero” as The Sheriff!
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Playing Oregon in our 7th meeting at Jericho’s

Yesterday we met at Jericho’s Brasserie to play some boardgames in the afternoon.

This time, after playing some 2-player games that we already knew -like Ingenious or Mancala- we tried Oregon, a western-based boardgame.

Oregon is not a game for newbies, and it takes a few rounds to get the hang of it. But it was great to see that people are starting to become “advanced” players after coming to a few sessions in the last weeks! We’re very proud of them! 🙂


We hope you enjoyed the games session! And don’t miss out the next meeting: next Wednesday at 6pm at The White Horse Inn!!  🙂

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First meeting at The White Horse Inn! :)

It looks like if the change of area and time allowed some new people to come to the last meeting. We reached 13 people in total! Actually, we didn’t expect so many people for our first session at the White Horse Inn so we had to find more tables to play. Luckily for us, the staff could  make  the room upstairs available for us -which was perfect!

Ros and John came as punctual as usual to play, and a few minutes later Cherry showed up with the game she won on the raffle last week, so we started the evening playing a game of “Timeline”. Then some more people came and we moved upstairs to carry on playing: “Banangram”, “Sitting Ducks”, “Trans Europa” or “Category 5” were some of the games we tried.

Good fun and nice people. We’re really looking forward to the next meeting!

Read more to see some pictures 😉

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Last Thursday meeting at Jericho´s

Amazing meeting once again last Thursday. It seems we´ve got some continuity in the group and that we still have some new faces coming to our meetings!! As you can see in the pics, we played many different games in our last session: “Carcassonne”, “Trans Europa”, “Mancala”, “Ingenious”, “Hive”, “Hey! That´s my fish!”.

  533930_539385946107602_349946172_n   525294_539385829440947_22474223_n   601914_539385679440962_220235889_n   563716_539386136107583_1958263678_n

And of course, we had our prize-giving celebration!!


Cherry receiving her Timeline game, crown and diploma included!

Thanks to everyone once again for coming… and special thanks to Mark, who came all the way up from Plymouth to play with us and to Blanca and John coming from Barnstaple!!!

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5th meeting :)

It’s good to see that we’re starting to have some regular players among our cosmopolitan group. 😉

In the last session we played some new card games and also some favorites that we had already played:

– Ingenious: Reiner Knizia’s abstract and strategic game, on its 2 player version.

– Formissimo: Card game in which you have to find a sequence of cards as fast as you can as all the players play at the same time!

– Trans Europa: boardgame in which players work together building a railroad network across Europe. The first to have their five cities connected wins the round – the others lose points for being too slow!

– Dixit: this game it’s becoming a classic in our sessions. If you’ve played it, you’ll probably now why!

– Cheating moth: A really cheeky game… in which is allowed to cheat!

As you can see, we take plenty of different games to the sessions. So if you feel curious about them don’t miss out next meeting and discover the new generation of games! Continue reading

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