Meet up

We meet at two different places on two different days to give you more chances to come to play!

First and third Thursday of each month at Jericho’s Brasserie in Launceston, from 3pm to 5pm

jerichoslogoLiberty House,
4 Northgate Street
Launceston, Cornwall

PL15 8BD


Second and fourth Wednesday of the month at The White Horse Inn, Launceston, from 6pm to 9pm 


14 Newport Square

PL15 8EL

Join Launceston Boardgames in Facebook to make this Indian smile!!

Join Launceston Boardgames in Facebook to make this little Indian smile!!

You can check out the reviews of the last meetings HERE.

And if you couldn’t come to the last one, don’t worry!. You have two options to make sure you don’t miss the chance to play with us in the next meeting:

a) Check the calendar below to have a look at the next activities

b) Join our Facebook page. There you will also find the pictures of the events, dates for future meetings, links to the reviews of the games we play and some other stuff related with games!!

And of course, you can always contact us by email on: launcestongames @ gmail . com.


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