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Since the early 90s, a new wave of boardgames has been growing in popularity due to their ability to appeal to a wide range of players – young and no so young, busy and bored, extroverted and introverted, smart and not-so-smart.

But when we talk about boargames, don’t think Monopoly, Chess or Ludo!  In these games there is no elimination of players -so everybody can have fun until the game ends-, they generally have simple rules, marked player interaction and short to medium playing times -from a half hour to a few hours-.

Many of these games are designed in Germany, where boardgaming is a common family past time.  For this reason, sometimes you might hear us talking about “German-style” games or “Eurogames” instead of new/modern games.  However, not all the modern games are German! For instance, Alan R. Moon designer of the famous game “Ticket to Ride” or Martin Wallace, designer of more  complex strategy games like “Brass” or “Age of Steam”, are both British!.

Every year, hundreds of games are launched; so when you think in modern boardgames, think in variety!!

Even though there is a huge diversity of board and card games, we will be mainly playing fun and easy-to-learn games, which are quite simple to understand and generally it just takes around 30 minutes to play. If you are interested in something more specific and feel brave enough to try something more challenging, you just need to ask us and give a go to the “advanced” games!

Classification of games is often difficult, as some games could be included in several different groups. However, we’ve made a small categorization so you can check the links below to learn a bit more about the different types of games we’ll bring to the meetings:

letrero fun copia2

Games that support a large number of players and take between 20 and 45 minutes to play. Ideal for getting started! :0)

letreros games 2 copia

There are all sorts of games for two players. From 15 minutes games to games that can last for several hours. Actually, the only common thing they’ve got is they are all for two players! Check out the page to know more!

letreros adv

If you feel like trying something a bit more complicated, this is your choice!



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