Next to each game review you will find a box based on what is called GABIS (GAMES BUYER INFORMATION SYSTEM ). This is used to classify and describe the features of the game, and hopefully will help you to find the game that best suits your tastes. 🙂

In that box, you will find a color accompanying each game title which represents the USER Group. The box also contains icons for time, age,  and number of players. Finally the BAR in the evaluation box displays color codes for up to 10 features of a game.

There are defined 4 target groups (color accompanying the head line)

Children: (Pink) Games for children an educational games. Adults can play in a guiding function.
Family: (Orange) Children and parents play together, all have the same chance to win and have fun.
Friends: (Blue) Young people and adults play together as equals
Experts: (Black) Games with special demands on rules and playing time. Especially for game geeks

Please note for the user groups Children, Family and Friends: Children who love to play can be ahead of their peers! Please note that our target group “families” does not imply the classical concept of „family games“! Furthermore, our user groups can overlap. The choice of suitable games always depends on your playing partners and your fun with games!

Each game targets preferences for different features in a player, therefore each game is not suitable for each player.
We have listed 10 features players note when deciding on a game. Only if a player finds his preferred features in a game he will enjoy the game. The color code marks the dominant features. Educational games train the highlighted preference.

Timeline color2Chance: The game is influenced by dice, cards or any other form of random generator
Tactics: Take decision, short-term planning, planning based on one move
Strategy:  Think ahead, long-term planning, planning for several moves
Creativity: The player has to provide words, phrases, images and other creative efforts
Knowledge: Cultural and educational knowledge, long-term memory
Memory: Remember, learn by heart, short-time memory
Communication: Talk to each other, negotiate, inform
Interaction: Influencing each other, bluffing, auction
Dexterity: Motor skills
Action: Body movement, balance and reaction

Empty boxes: This feature is neclectable or not present
One colored box: This feature is present, but not essential
Two colored boxes: This feature is present and important in the game
Three colored boxes: This feature is dominant and essential

GABIS is the system used by WIN, Das Spiele Journal, a Viennese magazine which is monthly published  regularly every month since 1977.  Here you can have a look at the page and download some of the PDF files. 🙂

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